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I'd been busy the past two weeks so my visits with Julie were short but last night I took her out for some Ruby Tuesdays(I will convert her) and I noticed the bump that is my niece or nephew and cried like a little baby.. I felt like such a jackass for not paying much attention to her or my brother and Sean..So I called
Drew and Sean who laughed me off,telling me that I had a life too and I was right on track...

But Julie goes in on May 19th to find out the sex if possible I'm so stoked....Yay....



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I need a change and green is a great color holla at me if you hate it...


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Who will give you an orgasm? by leslie13
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Will it be good?mmm hmmm...:)
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I got to thinking about the past 11 years of my love of the boybands ..
What would have happen if Nick would have taking the MMC gig,and
got really close to Justin would he have been the second N in *Nsync?
 What would Backstreet look like minus Nick and would they have
found the the stardom they have now?..
I love both groups to death but girls Nick and Justin together...
Would Nick solo career been more of a hit with the ladies if he was
one of the Mouse brothers?

I've tried to picture ,*Nsync as Justin ,Chris,Joey Nick and JC
but it sorta makes me wanna cry cause somethings are better
the first time around..

Then I get to thinking what if they were one big ass group,think of the
sex they'd be having..hehe

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Hey all how was everyone's Monday? Mine was spiffy Kasey and I headed to VA beach to shop It was  fun..We took Kaleb with uscaue my honey has the flu and Kaleb so doens't need it .I think I bought him more than I bought myself..This kid and his daddy have my heart. Kasey was thrilled to see the little man in his car seat in my suv...(Her mom and Dad called me last week to thank me for taking care of them both..)Kaleb is a great car rider..He sung songs and slept then remained happy for the whole shopping thing.. When I got home late last night Keegan tried to take little man home but I noticed he still had a fever so I usher him to my bed and told him I'd get him some Nyquil  I slept with Kaleb in the guest room.. Maybe I really want to be a mom now..*

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Good Sunday Morn..my grandpa used to say that..His will got read yesterday by his lawyers...My dad has one brother Shawn and Uncle Shawn is greedy..His got pissed because our grandfather left my father's kids his house in Ireland..I don't mean to be rude but what would a four and seven year old do with a house?Now he wan't us to sell it..I'm like fuck that and all my sibs agree I don't want to get rid of the only link I have to my namesake..Then he left my mom something from our great grandmother for us girls when she passes and Uncle Shawn was totally unrulely for like an hour..I finally spoke up and my uncle told my father and I quote" See this is what you get for marrying an american slut ,a fag and to mouthy daughters..I thought my daddy was going to kill him.

Yes I know my uncle is an ass but  his wife is so sweet and my cousins Colin and Mackenzie(which meansDaughter of a wise leader)....Yeah right they are so beautiful and innocent..So now we have a old school Irish family feud...Yay Easter is so gonna suck...It's my year to wear the bunny suit...dry cleaners here I come...

I finally got a Justin/Nick icon...younger boys style loves it... thanks

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Prank Me

Aiden --

Insatiable to the point of crazy

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Wow Keegan seen this and busted out laughing.Yeah whateva punk..

Okay well maybe not... So I was wondering if Anyone knew of this story.. Kevin and AJ have a abusive realtionship(AJ is the abuser) ..Kevin wants out goes to Nick they sorta hook up....Nick becomes the protector.. There is a coffee table and Nick's hand is broken.. ...Thanks.... How and how is everyone's Thursday...

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